We have been building GHOST bikes for over 20 years. It all began with two friends, a small garage and the idea of building just the type of bikes that are fun to ride and better than all the rest.

TREKKING: Our Trekking bikes are as diverse as the world’s roads. We have the right racing bikes for all those who like to cruise for hours over the asphalt: fast, well-designed bikes with balanced geometry and consistently high-quality features. For long-distance riders, nippy sprinters and those seeking only the rush of pleasure. With the SQUARE Urban line we also have the perfect city bike to take you to work in style. Take a look into the future and outside the box. However, beyond the city limits – and even off the beaten track – our cross and trekking models may be more up your street. Designed for short, fast workouts in the urban woodland, as well as for leisurely multi-day tours, they are fitted with equipment that makes them all-inclusive packages.

HARDTAIL: Less weight, less fragile. More propulsion, more agility. You don’t need weighing scales to convince you of all the advantages of bikes that make do with only a front suspension. They are simple, fast and precise. Our Hardtails are built to be the leaders of the pack: They have a real thirst for action, are extremely good climbers and playful on the trails. While it naturally depends on the type to varying degrees, but from our Hardtails for the recreational rider to the mile-crunching bikes for marathon rider, are all bikes that are really benefiting from the developments of our World Cup racers.

FULL SUSPENSION: Full suspension bikes are the kings and court jesters of the bike world. With their front and rear travel they rule supreme on any terrain. But anyone who thinks that a Fully is just a matter of adding a travel element seriously needs a little talk with our engineers. More fun means more technology. Kinematics, stiffness, weight, stability – everything must be perfectly in tune with each other, down to the smallest detail. New ideas need to be developed and new designs brought into production. To build a top Fully you need a top team of developers. And that is exactly what we have: A team that develops the best Fullys for every use We put so much thought into the bikes, from the wheel trajectory to the damper mount, that the only thing you’ll be thinking about on the track is how perfectly it all works!

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