Haibike (1995) invented the e-mountain bike (e-MTB). Haibike produces a range of sporty bikes, with a focus on e-performance models defined by ground-breaking design and innovation. The international product range varies from sports bikes for everyday users to top-quality professional racing bikes, together with special-purpose racing and mountain bikes for downhill, free ride and cross-country cycling.

ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN BIKES: Are you ready for power-assisted adventure? Our electric mountain bikes are ready to take you there. Tackle the trails with an electric hardtail or scale new heights and dominate descents on a full suspension eMTB. With our pedal assist electric mountain bikes, it’s only the stunning mountain views that will take your breath away, not the climb.

All our eMTBs utilise powerful systems from Bosch, Yamaha or our very own, next generation ePerformance system – FLYON. This sophisticated technology will ensure countless unforgettable experiences among the peaks. And, there are no limits downhill either, with our eMTBs you have everything totally under control, even if the terrain becomes more challenging. From the introduction of the first ever electric mountain bike, to the sophisticated geometry of our eMTBs today; Haibike is always innovating and setting new design and technology standards.

HAIBIKE TREKKING: Haibike Trekking hybrid eBikes can take you from the city streets to gentle, well-maintained trails. Wherever you go, your Haibike Trekking hybrid will escort you in comfort, style and convenience thanks to a host of sophisticated features as standard. If you’re looking for a versatile electric bike to join you on everyday adventures, you’ll find it in the Haibike Trekking range.

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